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Day Curtains

Many private apartments these days come furnished with day curtains. Day curtains play an important part in interior furnishings due to the wide variety of designs available. As day curtain materials tend to be see-through and light-weight, these help to create a soft, graceful feel for the interior when the breeze comes by. Day curtains are ideal for public areas, such as the living hall, dining room and the study, to reduce glare from the sun or direct contact with outside. For use in bedrooms, day curtains are suitable if a lot of natural light is desired; otherwise, it should be applied with thermal blackout to provide for privacy.

Most day curtains are easy to maintain, machine-washable, and for some, steam cleaning is possible.


Night Curtains

Night curtains are ideal for rooms that require a high amount of privacy because of the slightly thicker materials that do not allow see-through, unlike those of day curtains. Night curtains are also good for blocking out sunlight when watching TV programs in the day. With technological advancements, night curtains are not just aesthetics for the interior but also functional. There are three types of material to choose from depending on your needs: Normal, Dim-out and Blackout.


Normal – One of the most commonly available in the market today, this type of material serves to provide privacy and block out 10%-50% of the light in the bedroom;


Dim-out – Largely used in modern interior furnishings, this type of curtain does not only provide privacy, but is also capable of blocking out 60%-90% of the sunlight depending on the colour chosen. Dim-out curtains come in three layers: the front and back layers are usually of the same shade, in between there is a black layer that acts to block out the sunlight. Durable compared to the normal type, dim-out curtains are light and easy to maintain; and


Blackout – Blackout curtains provide 100% blockage of the light. In addition, its thermal backing absorbs heat into the curtain, thereby keeping the room cool and comfortable. Blackout curtains are particularly popular among young couples due to the amount of privacy that comes with the use. However, blackout curtain material requires dry cleaning. It is also heavy in weight and the thermal backing tends to thin out after multiple washes.




Venetian Blinds

When choosing some new window covers for your home, there are certainly many options available. At Singapore Blinds, we aim to help your decision making as much as possible. First, Venetian and vertical models are both quite popular. The only difference is that the former has horizontal slats while the latter has vertical ones. Both are very easy to install, simply requiring the folding and sliding mechanism to be attached to the wall above the window. These come in a range of colours and sizes too, ensuring that you can fit out your home to suit your particular interior style.




Roller Blinds

If the above options do not take your fancy, there are others available. Those seeking different types of blinds in Singapore should have a look at the rolling or Roman models available in our catalogs. Both of these blind types slide upwards, storing away whenever you want to let the light in. With Roman blinds the fabric folds in on itself while their rolling counterparts do what the name suggests. As one of the foremost suppliers of window shades within Singapore, you can find all these styles within our online selection allowing you to fit out your home with ease.




Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds are getting common in Singapore as you walk out of your house you can see them almost everywhere you go. They are used for blocking out rain water from the balcony which can turn your balcony into a leaving space also. They are made of a special material PVC which provides UV protection and can last under extreme weather conditions. There will be a stainless steel cable guide on the left and the right corner attached on the blinds to prevent it from moving or swinging on windy days. They can be used even on high rise with very strong winds. They are the preferred choice for outdoor blinds because of their modern looks.





Wallpaper is no longer all about floral paper designs. If you're not a fan of this old-school material or style, there are many other modern options available.


Embossed - Great for covering walls with imperfections, embossed paper is textured and can be painted. It’s easy to clean and hang.


Fabric - This textile-based wallpaper is tough to clean and hang, but it adds great texture and has a more trendy feel. A special clear paste must be used.


Flocks - This wallpaper consists of a paper or vinyl base featuring a pattern created from velvet-like raised designs. Their detailed aesthetic can be the focal point of the room, however not all types are washable or easy to handle, and it can be difficult to hang.


Foils - This metallic-looking wall covering will add brightness to a room and works best on clean walls with no damage or flaws. Though it’s harder to hang, it’s fairly easy to clean.


Grasscloth - Woven from long strands of grass, this wallpaper is extremely textural and has an organic quality. It's popular in more contemporary homes, though it’s hard to hang and tough to remove, and you must use clear adhesive to prevent bleeding.


Vinyl - This is the basis of most stock wallpaper. It’s easy to clean, hang and remove, and it works great for bathrooms.




Solar Films

When the sun shines through windows, it can quickly heat up a room making it unbearable to live or work in. Window films filter both heat and glare while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of natural sunlight. Our window films reject up to 85% of the solar heat gain that’s normally transmitted through clear glass. This heat rejection will dramatically reduce the amount of energy wasted by untreated windows, which means you’ll see big savings on your cooling bill. Likewise, our films help retain interior heat during winter to reduce heating costs. You get comfort without compromise.




Cushion Re-Upholstery‎

Why throw away your beloved old sofa? With care and superb workmanship, we can restore it to its original glory or give it a newly furbished look. This will be your most practical contribution to creating a green environment, as well as preserving a piece of sentimental furniture for many years to come.